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对不起 Duìbùqĭ 对 –a right hand+a thumb (inch)=to treat 不 - bird rising to heaven=no 起 - zou3, to walk (a bent over person with his foot in the part below)+ji3(self , threads in a loom)=qi3, to rise, to get up, to start, to begin 不用谢Búyòngxiè (literally:don’t use thanks) 用to divine, to foretell(bu3)+centre(zhong1)=to use 不客气 客 - a house[mian2] + phonetic(separate or each-ge4) 气 –qi4 – rice+air=manner, spirit, morale 你从哪儿来? Nĭ cóng năr lái? Cong2 to follow, to obey (2 people) nar3=mouth+moon+peak+legs of a child lai2 to come=ears of wheat hanging from a wheat plant ni3= a person with (er3) breath which enters inside him and then the breath is separated Wo3=a hand holding a halberd 我从 ... 来. Wǒ cóng … lái. 花多长时间 ? Huā duōcháng shíjiān? How long does it take? 花 – a plant and to change (person+transform by putting someone upside down), 2 meanings: a flower, to spend 多 - many moons=much, many 长 – a high table+a changed person+death=long, length, duration 时 – the sun+a thumb=season, time, hour 间 – sunlight through a door=a space, a measure word for rooms
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